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The Scandinavian countries have a long and proud heritage of knife manufacture. Helle Fabrikker of Norway has a well earned reputation for producing some of the best knives in Scandinavia. Helle knife blades are triple laminated stainless steel. This enables the blades to be hard, tough, but not difficult to sharpen. Helle produces practical, useable knifes that look good and are comfortable to work with. Knife handles are made from curly birch, walnut, leather and stag horn. These tomahawks are drop forged carbon steel with hickory handles. Kizlyar knives are based in the southern Russian province of Dagestan, a region with a weapon manufacturing history dating back to the 14th century. The Kizlyar knives distributed by Kilmarnock Forge are made from 65×13 or z60 steel and are practical, stylish and affordable. The internationally recognised Puma trademark was first registered in


To find a truly American knife design, look no further than the Bowie. Designed by Colonel Jim Bowie, who later died in the battle of the Alamo, the first Bowie knife took shape in the hands of James Black, a well known blacksmith working in the trailhead town of Washington, Arkansas. Since , the Bowie knife has become smaller and streamlined. The usual pattern today is the Sheffield, a version developed in England for marketing on the frontier in America.

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Since , Puma Knife Company has included a date stamp on both fixed-blade and folding knives. The coding system has changed throughout the years, but you can easily determine the year of your knife’s manufacture through the company website or by knowing how to decipher the code. Locate the date code on your Puma knife. The number will be from two to five digits long and might be followed by the letters RC. Look for the number on the finger guard — the protective divider between the blade and the handle — on Puma fixed-blade knives.

PUMA Knives e.g. White Hunter, Jagdnicker or Bowie for sale ☆ Buy your high dating back to which adds up to almost years of cutlery experience.

In the fourth quarter of , PUMA implemented a new control system. This control system helped establish quality control measures in production activities. Puma Knives Dating Guide. Puma Knives For Sale Collecting Guide 2. Guide to Collecting Puma Knives. How to Date Puma Knives Puma knife dating chart

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On our PUMA Knives page we want to give you some background information about the company and their high quality knives made in Germany. All mentioned knives are for sale in our shop. To extend this section we appreciate it, if you send us your feedback or review of your PUMA knife. If you have any suggestions or questions about our products please contact us. The family Lauterjung established the brand name PUMA as an international attribute for astonishing quality. From — the production was supervised by the war industry during the second world war.

Over time the company changed their production from pocket — and household knives to functional knives e. From every knife gets a unique number incl. In the 90s the company used new production methods e. CNC controllers and laser technology. In the last years the company extended their product line.

The PUMA name has achieved great significance and memorability as a trademark with the sharp teeth of the cat symbolic of the sharp cutting edge of a PUMA knife.

Puma White Hunter; fulfilling a boyhood dream. An ongoing review

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Is there a 5-digit number impressed on your Puma knife? It is on the finger guard on Puma fixed blade knives. On Puma folding knives it is on the pushing spring.

The two-digit code is the year in the current century the product was made. The two-digit dating system has been production use since. You might also be able to tell the manufacture date production your knife from a three-digit code. Likewise, date stamps indicate production the knife was made in the second half of that year. The code hunter true for date stamps , , , , , , , , and , which were manufactured during the production to.

Five-digit codes production with models manufactured in October. Knife original stag featured the digit with the year as the third and fifth letter of the code.

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For your Viewing Pleasure. Sunday, October 21, Puma Model Waidblatt. Made in the Early 50’s. This Style Sheath was Discontinued around Knife is in Mint Condition.

The 5 7/8 long blade is marked: PUMA WHITE HUNTER GENUINE. IN TIME at Main St. The knife has no serial number/date code on.

Print Thread. Hop To. Joined: Nov NE Missouri, via Alabama. During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, Puma made knives from a couple of different steels: “Pumaster” steel, which is a carbon steel that has been nickle or chrome plated to help protect it from rust; and “inox” or “Rostfrei” stainless. I don’t know a lot about different stainless alloys, but I’ve seen in print where Puma used D. Don’t know the difference between these two. Now my question: For a “using” knife for gutting and skinning big game, which of the Puma steels holds an edge the best?

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